Total number of people trained

Introduction to R for Health Research

The course is well structured; the contents are seamlessly linked and meticulously organised. I’ve taken other R courses before, but this is the first one that makes sense.

Introduction to R – ‘Omics

A really good introduction to R, which made me feel like I knew what I was doing.

Alessandra was a fantastic teacher. She was clear, friendly, and very knowledgeable. She created an environment where students felt comfortable to speak and ask questions, which made it a very interactive and valuable experience. I would love to attend any future workshops taught by Alessandra

Having participants from different disciplines means you learn more, as different questions are asked. I think it is great!

Using Spreadsheets for recording data and metadata – ‘Omics

I think this is such an excellent programme – I feel really fortunate to be able to take part free-of-charge, so thank you

The course was really simplified for everyone to go along with. I liked the stats with excel section of the training, despite I can still do such in SPSS.

The course was really good for a excel beginner.

Demystifying AI – AI

Fascinating insight into AI with direct relevance to my current career stage and intentions.

Great introductory course to AI. This definitely allows me to understand AI papers more easily.

I really enjoyed the opportunity to better understand the use of AI in healthcare and how it may be applied to research

Stats with R – ‘omics

I really liked how short the videos were, this allowed me to do a little bit each day and this was beneficial for my learning. The course was excellent

I was originally a bit skeptical about the course not being delivered “live” and having to go through pre-recorded videos. However, it worked SO well for me. It was so useful to be able to pause, rewind, and rewatch something in my own time. I feel if it had been in a classroom or a live MS Teams call, I probably would have ended up being left behind.
It worked really well and Ale has such a good way of talking you through the steps, and it was a very enjoyable course!